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Why Keurig?
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Grounds to Grow On: A Recycle Program
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Coffee Service & The Office Solutions Keurig Coffee Program

Office Solutions has partnered with Keurig to provide you with an ideal coffee deal! By simply ordering your K-Cups and other coffee supplies from Office Solutions, we will place a Keurig Coffee Machine in your office for free! From K-Cup flavors like Caramel Vanilla Cream to the French Roast Blends, you will have access to tons of different flavors that will satisfy everyone at your workplace.

Why Keurig?


Choose. Brew. Enjoy. The three words that started a coffee brewing revolution. Keurig has redefined brewing by combining state-of-the-art brewer technology with their unique and patented K-Cup Portion Pack. Within the K-Cup are all of the essential elements for brewing a single, perfect cup of coffee, so you get the coffee you love. But what you don't get is waste, mess or fuss. It's that simple.

The Keurig Coffee Machines


B-150 B-3000SE
For small to medium sized offices, up to 100 employees For offices with more than 100 employees
Requires purchase of at least $150 of coffee or coffee related items to qualify for Office Solutions Keurig Coffee Program Requires purchase of at least $475 of coffee or coffee related items to qualify for Office Solutions Keurig Coffee Program
Direct line water plumbing or pour-over option Direct water line plumbing
Cup Sizes: 4,6,8,10,12 oz. and allows for travel mug use Cup Sizes: 4,6,8,10 oz. and allows for travel mug use
Removable drip tray for cleaning Removable drip tray for cleaning
Diagnostic lights/messages Diagnostic lights/messages
Full Color Touchscreen Control LCD Interface
  Separate hot water spigot
  Automatic K-Cup Ejection/storage
  Vending compatible with coin changer

K-Cups and Other Coffee Supplies


Now that you have your Keurig brewer, time to start making some coffee and ordering the supplies you need to create that perfect cup! Our list below shows you just some of the coffee brands and supplies we can offer.


Barista Prima

Green Mountain

Tully's Coffee

Caribou Coffee

Cafe Escapes

Celestial Seasonings

Donut House

Gloria Jean's Coffee

Stir Sticks

Coffee Cups



Grounds to Grow On: A K-Cup Recycle Program


This program allows, those using Keurig machines in their office environment, to collect each brewed portion pack and return it to a Keurig disposal partner. Here the portion pack is taken apart and converted into useful alternatives, such as compost and energy. All while reducing our landfill waste. 75% of the portion pack by weight is converted to compost. 25% of the portion pack by weight is converted to energy.

To participate in the K-Cup Recycling Program a Recovery Bin can be purchased for collection of used K-Cups. Each bin is made from 75% recycled plastic and is reused at least 15 times and shipped via the UPS carbon neutral shipping program.

Each Recovery Bin Includes:

  • pre-affixed UPS return label
  • pre-affixed bag for collecting K-Cups
  • zip tie to close bag for shipping
  • welcome card and sticker for brewer

Recovery Bin Options:

  • Large Bin
    450 K-Cup Capacity - $17.95 ea
  • Small Bin
    175 K-Cup Capacity - $6.95 ea

Small and large bins are sold in packs of five. Due to the presence of organic waste, each bin should be replaced every 2-3 weeks.

Available Now: Starbucks K-Cups!


The wait is over and the Starbucks K-Cups are available at Office Solutions. Skip the line at the coffee shop and enjoy the taste of Starbucks right at your own office.

Office Solutions will be offering six different types of the Starbucks K-Cup varities.

Shown to the right is the full list of which Starbucks K-Cups are currently in stock and ready to ship.

Keurig Brewer Loaner Terms & Conditions


*The term of this Agreement is for a period of one year, automatically renewed annually for one year periods, unless: (a) cancelled by either party in writing thirty days prior to the end of the current period; or (b) cancelled by Office Solutions Business Products and Services, Inc. (Office Solutions) for breach of agreement by Customer.

*The equipment shall remain in the possession of the Customer so long as Customer uses the Equipment at the permitted locations to exclusively dispense or brew products purchased from Office Solutions. This agreement and Customer's right to use the Equipment shall automatically and without notice terminate immediately if customer uses the Equipment to dispense, brew or sell any products other than those provided by Office Solutions.

*Customer will operate and maintain the Equipment in good operating condition, ordinary wear and tear expected. If repair of the Equipment is required and such repair is necessitate by normal wear and tear, Office Solutions will provide such repair through one of its authorized agents at no cost to the Customer. If however, such repair is necessitated by the misuse or negligence of the Customer, such repair will be charged to the Customer.

*Customer shall be responsible and assumes all liability, for any and all property damage and personal injury, which may arise in connection with Customer's use or operation of the Equipment, and Customer shall indemnify Office Solutions, it agents and employees from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses arising out of or related to Customer's use or operation of the Equipment.




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